Find The Right Firm and The Right Legal Advice. What does that mean? For us it indicates that the firm genuinely do have an affinity and expertise for the two areas of law . So whilst it's easy to find the confirmation of expertise and experience from places like the law society - it's unfortunately not been long ... Usually that's because they have individual solicitors within the firm that handle specific case types. A firm can be a specialist by targeting just single area of law. For us, a specialist focuses on an area of law in order to build up a huge amount of expertise... The worst comment in our opinion though, was a 3 star review for the company because the client believed the firm's offices were Hard to find" . The firm does not handle the same matters as the Gildeas firm we mentioned before. Add to that the apostrophe and letter s on the... If you https: organisation people 6629 branch-austin-llp?Solicitors=True" check out the page< a> for any firm on the law society's site you can see alternate trading names, other office locations, staff names, languages spoken and (most import... Usually this might cause some concern over potential issues such as ' https: dictionary phishing" phishing< a>', but with their case range being litigation - there is less cause for concern. But the legal industry is one of a tiny minority that st... There's therefore been quite a surge in the number and type of legal service provider popping up to meet the demand. To check whether someone is a qualified solicitor or that a firm has one on staff, you can always use your local law society website. 'Less-stuffy'... Normally we would have a mini-rant about 'protecting clients from scammers', but that's not really necessary here. It's not unusual for solicitors to have one or two trading names on the side. The main address is in Penrith but they've recently opened a local office in ... However for all three - they're quite meaningless. The practice of claiming an "established in 1881" foundation is something common to such professional areas including law, accounting, and journalism. If you are looking for help with a property matter, this sort of onl... The simplest way to check on the expertise, experience, and 'specialist' status of any firm is through their local law society. The main resource people check out for this is the public review boards such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot, and so on. But the fa... There are firms and even individual solicitors that cover a wide range of case types, sort of 'jack-of-all-trades' solicitors. If you can't find a local solicitor to take your case directly, then absolutely - this is a useful alternative way to try and get someone to help. f... The official website is currently but does not redirect there. But if every firm is claiming such, then it's not much use to potential clients as a distinguishing feature. So there is definitely experience within the firm , and even bet... So when you see firms offering such on their website, don't just flick over it like it's nothing . The official site is which we link to above whilst currently is not owned by anyone. So how do you judge such things? Sadly in Scotland... Because quite often a low star rating is not due to ratings from genuine customer reviews like you'd expect. A mix of genders, ages, and years of experience amongst staff can only be a good thing for a law firm. However there were some negative comments that really need to b... This is showcased by the number of law firms still boasting ancient founding dates such as 'established in 1771' as if having an ancient brand name above the door makes a difference to the services provided. These issues only tend to become problematic when the law o... A firm we've been aware of for a long time with staff we've conversed with numerous times since their founding. For example, if you saw a negative review for Burger King saying 'they wouldn't sell me a pizza!' - you'd think the reviewer was nuts and ignore it. Obviously we c... The legal industry struggles badly with catching up with the times. I missed the PPI deadline but they still got me my money"< div> These are snippets from some of the third party review forums. So, claim absolutely verified. That's because legal professionals and law ... "I" have a vast amount of experience. Only just a couple of decades ago most people would expect to contact a high street solicitor for any legal issue and that those solicitors within the firm would have a wide range of expertise. The Law Society of England & Wales ha... One very common thing we come across on law firm websites are founding date claims. Just try looking up the star ratings of several other property firms in your area. This firm https: office 453772 the-legal-practice-ltd" is registered with< ... This is something we've covered before in our articles and is one of the main reasons we urge people to read through the actual comments rather than simply check average star ratings. The majority are very positive. For example all the logos are individual for each branding... There should therefore be no confusion there, but currently most of the common error typo variations we would expect such as,, or .com are not owned by anyone. (You get the idea.) Therefore if you see lower num... Much more than a firm that only covers a handful of such cases each month as part of their general commercial legal work. Other benefits of working in such a specific section of law include building up a huge amount connections and expertise with the various organisat... That's why we recommend bookmarking the correct site because typo-ing the web address in your browser bar could quickly end up with you on a fake site (see https: a-z-of-fraud phishing" phishing< a>). Some have a bit more background about their w... That might be the reason only 8% of you voted in our poll last year saying you trust company posted testimonials. The legal services industry is a tough one for third party public review forums though because people are not as likely to discuss their experience of th... The lack of easily available reviews shouldn't be viewed negatively in these cases. This includes Local Authority Searches, Drainage and Water, Flood, Land Registry, Due Dilligence (Lawyer Checker), Utilities, and more. We saw a few other related names including Premie... Frankly many issues are totally outside your solicitor's control such as land searches, mortgage applications and so on. Always make sure you're on the correct website and never discuss payments or bank details via email. It could have been for logo design, which really do... You are just as likely to get a one year qualified newbie solicitor from a one hundred year old practice as you are to get a twenty year well-seasoned solicitor from a one year old law firm brand. At the moment nearly every search variant we tried such as 'cateralls so... Whilst we work very hard to find as many alternative options for people to help with legal matters, sometimes you do just need a regular high street law firm. For example on the one of their m... class="infoquote "most of our cases can be dealt with successfully via phone and email"< div> The firm has been around for a while so if you see mentions of a Mason Bullock starting in 2018 plus another one before that based over in Northampton - they are the same... If there are several negative comments related to being uncontactable - that's a good thing to note. The only negative comment we saw was a complaint about a solicitor called 'Monty'. Very positive with many of them quoting and praising the staff member involved by name. T... So never underestimate the value of free consultation statements on a solicitor's site. That's something to watch for especially with property matters as scammers contact clients telling them deposits need to be made to different bank accounts. So if they take a few ... This isn't too much of a concern though as Litigation handling firms are not really being targeted by scammers as much as other areas of law. Only actual solicitors will be regulated by the SRA so if a firm does not have a statement such as this one on their website t... Entering such will bring up an error or redirect you elsewhere depending on what browser you are using. Quite often when a firm merges with another they will either merge the names too or simply drop one to move forward with the most recognisable strong branding out of... At the time of writing they had over 450+ reviews on Google which is quite unheard of for a law firm . This designation is possible for such firms because whilst they do list several types of legal matter to be dealt with, the individual solicitors within the practice may ... class="infoquote "dealt with my case in a very supportive and informative manner" "all the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful" "dealt with my claim in a very professional manner and easy to deal with" "very helpful and professional at explaining ... However, we've been reviewing and working with legal professionals for over twenty years so it's part of our daily lives. On the David Stinson & Co website there is https: testimonials" a page marked 'Testimonials'< a> but there aren't any ac... Ever since the new Direct Access scheme was introduced into the UK, we've been big fans of the move. class="infoquote "Pump Court Chambers is one of the UKs premier common law chambers"< div> There is an ever growing number of such barristers qualifying to re... For the past few years https: alert fraudsters-hacking-into-emails-to-divert-house-purchase-payments" thousands of people have handed over millions of pounds< a> to scammers during property sales purchases. We've also seen anti-capitalist rants c... class="infoquote "We are proud to sponsor Eilish McColgan, one of the rising female track stars of Scottish and UK athletics"< div> Firms will often do charity events raising a few hundred pounds for something then get several news articles about it put out. Linds... That's still much better of course than charging you full price just for an introductory discussion about whether they can even help you. In the past this usually only applied to cases that would be run on a no win, no fee basis anyway such as Personal Injury matters. ... At the moment https: aboutonline security protecting-yourself-from-fraud keep-your-home-safe-mortgage-deposit-scams.html" most scams involving law firm clients< a> tend to revolve around property matters such as buying and selling a home. However n... If we do discover it, we'll let you know. To us that's a bit of a cheat. Antony Hodari Solicitors are a very niche firm covering just one specific case type within the area of litigation - housing disrepair. class="infoquote "Founded in Manchester in 1984, we have ov... That's not something we are so keen on. The official site is https secure for filling your personal details into their contact forms. If you too have already been through dozens of websites today looking for a solicitor to help you with a legal matter, you may have ... Never discuss payment or bank details via email. The rest seem to refer to their actual services though: class="infoquote "have used the firms services for various things over the years with positive results" "kept me involved in all of the decisions all of the t... If you've used our site before or read through any of our articles, you may have noticed that we're not a regular directory just cramming in every high street firm. As also mentioned above, the firm's branding may only have seven years behind it but the solicitors withi... Unfortunately, in the heat of anger it seems that a considerable number of people who are unhappy with a 'QualitySolicitors' branded firm - simply rush online and write a negative review against the first 'QualitySolicitors' branded firm they come across. An enviable group... Unlike other industries such as leisure or retail - law firms can end up with negative comments from their competitors, the losing side in a case, and even people who were told their case was nonsense. prides itself in being accessible, user-friendly and innovative legal ser... Alot of problems such as ' https: a-z-of-fraud phishing" phishing< a>' can happen if you type the wrong domain name into a web browser. class="infoquote "As a firm, our experience and expertise covers a wide variety of legal areas."< div> ... We always recommend speaking to someone at the firm before going ahead. Another quick note on navigation would be the website. Today's piece covers the website of Stowe Family Law where there is a fair mix of writing and images to scroll through even on the first pa... You can get a 1-year newbie lawyer from a three hundred year old firm or a 40-year guru lawyer from a one year old firm. All trading names, office locations, languages spoken, case types handled, solicitors' qualification dates, and more are usually available. But it stands... In the same way that a Family Law specialist will handle divorce, child custody, and more; most cases involving claims against a third party for compensation (i.e. If you https: office 464412 reynolds-macdonald" check out the page< a... There are national, county, city, and even case specific societies which legal professionals can join. We've known firms with decades of good, reputable history in their area with less than a handful of reviews on the web. On hand ready to help you with your business needs... If you scroll down to the bottom of most pages on their website you'll also see a short list of awards they have won and been nominated for. It can be quite difficult to dig out the pertinent details in order to make what feels like an informed decision. One of the few are... Most solicitors will register with a Law Society even though it is not mandatory. Millions of pounds a year https: news northernirelandnews 2018 10 08 news thousands-of-pounds-stolen-in-elaborate-scam-targetting-house-buyers-1452999 " are being handed ov... A big bonus brownie point for that in our opinion.. But as more and more people want specialists - we've started covering a larger percentage of those in response. Although that's probably not too much of a concern because typically scammers use similar looking domains to se... But sadly the confusion over 0345, 08000, 0808, 0871, etc. We've seen one law firm get a stunning review that ended with the phrase 'best dog-friendly restaurant ever'. 0800 numbers should now be free from every mobile service provider in the UK. Our technology takes car... We've talked a lot before about specialists versus general practice firms. Related domains such as or the do not currently exist. Rather than simply only doing the one case types, specialists in Estate matters will often cover a much wider...

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