Find The Right Firm and The Right Legal Advice. But it's surely a fair one. However, as already mentioned at the outset of this piece, there often isn't as much to go on when it comes to service providers to the law firms we often write about. So sadly there isn't a lot of independent comments floating around on the thi... When it comes to legal firms we absolutely recommend reading reviews rather than flicking through star ratings alone. We've been working in the industry for over 20 years and whilst we've seen firms specialising in divorce or car insurance claims - that's usually because t... Practically every law firm that handles property matters has negative reviews about their handling of it. The whole firm and all staff can focus on a single area of law such as Motoring Offences - that's obvious specialism. Certainly The Law Society doesn't just hand t... Also be aware that ampersands cannot be in web addresses so there will never be a www.swain& address. They have their own https: company OC348725 officers" companies house registration< a> page and they are... There were some testimonials on the company's own website: class="infoquote "the whole process was dealt with so smoothly" "I got the best outcome possible" "the contrast in their services between my first traditional divorce using lawyers was astounding" ... Millions and millions have been lost worldwide by https: money 2021 jan 02 homebuyers-scams-stamp-duty-holiday-" people sending property deposits to fraudulent bank accounts< a>. Sadly, many firms in the legal industry still chase the most tenuou... But these days we would say that if the firm can't offer video-chat services they are now getting behind the times. ​ class="infoquote "Our technology takes care of the stuff in the background so our legal team can focus on what's important - you."< div> A qu... A quick note on navigation though as when we tried searching for information around the web about this firm, Google wasn't the most helpful. class="infoquote "We can offer fixed fees if you are not eligible for legal aid"< div> This is another statement tha... We ran a poll last year, though, which came back that only 8% of people trusted company-provided testimonials. It also provides the qualification dates and specialties of each legal professional within a firm. Even more positively - this change encourages lawyers to be far ... Most law firms are signed up to a national, county, or town law society organisation. But also several more recent additions such as Ben Doherty (qualified in 2004) and Douglas Roberts (2008). However and other common variants people will probably try such a... The majority were positive like the snippets above. OTS Solicitors are signed to The Law Society of England & Wales which is an excellent resource . We've often discussed the pros and cons of using a general high street style law practice that covers a wide range of matters... So finding feedback from previous clients about how true these statements about quality customer service are, should be easy. ABS's 85 years though certainly could be a good indication of real, seasoned professionals available within the company . The problem with t... Especially in more personally involved circumstances such as suing an employer or a friend's insurance company after a crash where you were an injured passenger. The Scottish site has https: news-and-events legal-news allan-argue-launches-his-own-pract... class="infoquote "We are a team of senior solicitors who combine their knowledge and expertise in representing our clients on the most serious and complex of cases."< div> Most firms make claims about having years, decades, or even (tenuously) centuries of experi... 100% compensation means there will be no fees if your case wins OR loses. The problem is mostly with property matters and conveyancing as https: watch-out-for-conveyancing-fraud " fraudsters have managed to scam multi-millions< a> out of people buying... class="infoquote "Ive been asked a few times already 'which Barrister did you use?'"< div> This is a quote from the firm's website relating to a review from another law firm (Scott Rees). A good resource we always recommend using in conjuction with your search ... However there are many situations where going direct to a barrister yourself will definitely save you considerable time and cost . If you are thinking of using the Direct Access route, then make sure you enter that term as part of your phrase on search engines to... They provide a wealth of user-side data including all office locations, other trading names used, languages spoken, as well as the qualification dates of the legal staff. What can you use? class="infoquote "With offices in Bargoed and Tredomen, Ystrad Mynach, near Ca... Word like 'friendly', 'efficient' or 'modern' pop up constantly but don't really help to distinguish that firm from their competitors. Well give you some tips on how to tell them apart in a few paragraphs, but first: class="infoquote "each one of our clients' benefit f... The official website for Spring-le & Co is which we link to above, with not currently owned by anyone. Life is complicated and so too is death. Absolutely, 100%, totally, unreservedly, we recommend having a will in place. ... Always make sure you're on the correct website and never discuss payments or bank details via email. The most useful of these are the qualification dates of the solicitors at each firm which are made available publicly. As already pointed out in the last paragraph, the fir... For example one claiming CEL lawyers demanded £2500 from him to provide 'detective services'. class="infoquote "We operate 99% paper free, unless the court or our clients request physical letters. You can also search a specific site by typing site: before the d... How can you tell the difference though? class="infoquote "When you need legal expertise, you’ll find us plain talking and focussed on finding the right solution for you. Sometimes with specific questions but then all answers are rolled into one paragraph of a testimo... The official site we link to above is but does not redirect you there. But there are no negative implications we know of for firms having different brandings. Because whilst many negative comments can be totally unhelpful (e.g. Ac... So it may be an idea to bookmark the correct site once you're on it. The largest property firm in England Wales currently has a rating of just under 3 stars on Google with over 1,000 reviews. That's because "established in 2013" can sound ridiculously new to some consideri... If you look at the page for https: office 6833 blz-limited" this firm< a> you'll see there are only two solicitors working within it, with just over a decade's experience between them. Not their secretary or junior staff who joined the firm ye... They also get a lot of weird negative comments, such as people complaining a criminal law firm won't handle the person's divorce case. class="infoquote "Whilst we have maintained our core value of outstanding client service, the use of the most up to date technology en... In fact, solicitors themselves https: latest-news solicitor-sanctioned-for-dealing-with-unregulated-cmcs" can be fined and even stricken off< a> for dealing with unregulated claims management companies. There are so many people living with severe is... We did see one negative comment about Reid Black apparently being more expensive than other firms the reviewer had tried. The Law Society of England & Wales also have a much better website than most Law Societies, with a wealth of user-side information. But even that stil... The official website is currently but does not redirect there. Often the number of years a firm quotes in such statements doesn't relate to the years of experience their solicitors have either. It's a distinction we feel people sho... class="infoquote "Between them, our solicitors have around 50 years' experience in law, and are passionate about working with all types of clients, both personal and commercial."< div> Most law firms will make a claim about the amount of years experience within t... But we have seen many firms calling themselves specialists simply because they don't handle absolutely everything. However we believe that should never be a dealbreaker. It may therefore be a good idea to bookmark the correct site to come back to it easier later. We would... This is usually around 25% and is called a 'conditional fee arrangement'. class="infoquote "At Lefevres we have access to a number of different funding solutions that can be tailored to the requirement of our clients and are happy to discuss this in greater detail and ... However, we've been reviewing and working with legal professionals for over twenty years so it's part of our daily lives. Be aware that ampersands ('&') can't be part of a web address so something like www.davidstinson& would not exist. For David Stinsons and Co th... The majority of people search the third party review boards such as Google, Trustpilot,, Yelp, etc. In this Facebook Instagram age - people really do feel more of a connection with a firm if there are photos and descriptions of the staff. The boxes that need to be... class="infoquote "Whether you are an individual, small business or a more established firm, our approach is to work with you to provide clear, pragmatic, tailored advice from a qualified solicitor."< div> The greatest resource we've found online for helping you c... Jordans Solicitors became QualitySolicitors Jordans. Especially those with https: money 2019 aug 24 the-45000-deposit-for-our-first-home-was-stolen-and-the-banks-did-nothing" huge house deposits waiting to buy< a> a property. Currently neither www.burt... By that we mean most legal companies in the UK tend to use the same sort of sales language, highlight the same points, and make the same claims about their company that practically every other law practice does too. For today's example we'll be using the Bell Lax Solicitor... Whilst getting on with your solicitor and feeling like they genuinely care about you will often be the ultimate final deal breaker, there is a lot of research you can perform to narrow down the number of firms you end up calling to begin with. Never discuss bank deta... But enough about what we think, what are previous clients saying about the firm? class="infoquote "Frazer Coogans always gave us accurate, informative and helpful information for us to make decisions" "Would definitely use them when we buy our next house" "... But these days with the number of self employed people rising exponentially - we've also seen a huge rise in people wanting a specialist business legal advisor that can deal with small businesses effectively. Sadly, some businesses use marketing jargon to try and cover up wh... You can get a 1-year newbie lawyer from a three hundred year old firm or a 40-year guru lawyer from a one year old firm. So the fact Cooks Solicitors have kept the same branding even though it's part of a much larger nationwide organisation could be a very positive sign. T... There were obviously a few niggles in our research. Scammers are getting millions from people every year by pretending to be the person's solicitor. However nothing that reflected negatively on the firm's actual potential services. It's a difficult area of work , o... But be aware that Google still allows keyword matching in their ads with trademark protection protocols that can be very, very slow to pick up abuse. The Law Society of England & Wales has the best user-side offering we've seen from such organisations. So since the ow... So if you see reviews relating to such, it's not an error by the reviewer. A quote from one article says: class="infoquote "The deal will see Gildeas expand its total workforce by 13 to 77 and represents a landmark first acquisition for the firm, which has offices in ... You can even see qualification dates of the lawyers working at the firm. Gushingly so on occasions, as I'm guessing they were in relation to situations such as immigration where people can feel literally in the middle of life death struggles. But certainly Howe & Co a... Hopefully that can be sorted out soon. lawyers from Levins Solicitors have told LBC they believe the police's actions over the weekend amount to 'oppressive conduct' and 'may be unlawful, particularly the entries and searches'."< div> A quick note on navigation as many ... They prefer to source reviews from independent review forums such as Trustpilot, Google Reviews, Yell, Yelp, etc. So it's an unusual but good sign. They have a range of articles clearly meant to help out people with the basics. For example their Blog section is not just ano... class="infoquote "We pride ourselves on the personal service that we provide to our clients in meeting their needs."< div> Unfortunately there weren't many public reviews on the regular boards such as Google, Facebook,, etc. These have become heavy target... Any mentions of 'Stenfield Limited' relate to the same company. class="infoquote "Stenfield Solicitors is a multidisciplinary law firm serving national and international clients from its offices in London and Norwich."< div> Stenfield Solicitors therefore certain... We've talked a lot before about specialists versus general practice firms. But after checking up on the credentials of a firm and looking up whether the 'award-winning service' they tout has actually won some real awards (rather than just being stated hoping you won't check... At the moment most scammers are https: news business home-movers-warned-scammers-could-be-targeting-their-deposit-or-other-finances " targeting property solicitors and their clients< a> because of the huge house deposits they are so easily obtaini... not the very nice helpful receptionist at the start of your enquiry or the senior clerk that got everything organised. It does however cause some thought to have to be given when researching things such as online reviews. This always seemed un-necessary extra time and c... Obviously during lockdown though everything is a bit haywire. This is because some people's complaints can be ridiculously petty, and some can be attached to the totally wrong firm. But so far we've not seen anything too extreme such as beanbag chairs in the conference room.... This is important because the firm deals with property matters. Typically one side is always unhappy at how a sale has gone either due to timescale, delays with finance, things popping up during the search phase, and so on. But can you actually find out the expertise... Aspire Licensing point this out themselves as well stating they have: class="infoquote "... Mostly due to having recieved an email that looked official telling them to change over and send the house deposit money to a totally different bank account. You can always hang...

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