Find The Right Firm and The Right Legal Advice. Each had a single 5 Star rating with no comments provided. There are also newer staff such as Rachel Duncan (qualified in 2009) and Mark Andrew (2011). If you've read any of the other review articles on here, you'll know we try to find a varied selection of firms to recomm... If you are researching firms and don't get much information from their website, you can always check The Law Society database. We'll skip the debate on societal issues relating to how online opinions online are almost expected to be negative critical and will start off... In 2009, Alan set up ARC (the Association of Regulated Claims Management Companies), a trade association that provides support and guidance to claims management businesses. If you do have a case where you've been accused of dishonest behaviour, then we think it is a very goo... First, as is our common practice, we open the floor to the actual firm: class="infoquote "Our emphasis is on getting the work done with the minimum of fuss so that the desired objective - actually to move - can be achieved."< div> The Ross Coates website is simple... It may be tempting to dismiss much of the website's wording as cliche sales-talk, such as: class="infoquote "We uphold a high standard of client care by paying great attention to each of our client’s circumstances and acting in their best interest in order to at... . Again this is where The Law Society website can come in handy. class="infoquote "You receive 100% of the compensation awarded; Your compensation claim will be pursued at 'No Cost to You';"< div> If ... There is a wider range available and links to pages about each case type and sub-category are available on the website. But in reality the number of firms trying to be too trendy or being stuck in the technical dark ages, is more common than you might think. Sadly from our e... People come to 1to1Legal because we only refer them to quality, existing, established firms. As a native of Co. There are a lot of new faces, not just on the high streets, but especially on the web. However, this is the only firm on our referral panel (and indeed that ... It's true that many general practice firms have experts within the group. numbers out there. They are up to date with the most recent developments and show respect to the courts. However when it comes to business law and the ridiculous amount of changes, speculation and unce... They promise to put your needs first, to provide clear and honest advice, deal with specialists, and supply the highest level of client care possible for employment law, conveyancing, dispute resolution, PPI, tenant disputes, will, trusts, and probate. The list of busin... I feel the information above was also necessary in order to highlight the fact it's not really Berlad Graham we've invited onto the network - it's one of these 'consultants'. But if you click through to Tuyyabah's profile page on the Berlad Graham website - the firm does lis... So of course, the review is going to be pretty positive. So what have we spotted about Centenary Solicitors? class="infoquote "Centenary Solicitors are one of the UK's leading law firms, with offices in Greater London and Kent. It's not as odd as it might seem. ... Usually, we accept applications only from firms that pass rigourous checks. At least give them a call to form your own impression of how they sound and how they treat you.. Please note, that they use a non-www version of the domain name - so will be automatic... (Unlike divorce, crime, or similar cases where the facts of the case usually make no difference as to whether it will be taken on.) In England and Wales you should expect any road or work accident claim to be handled with no fees up front and no fees at the end. However... ;) I said their 'main site' before because if you've already tried searching for information yourself you'll have seen several sites mentioning Savants. Their About Us page states: class="infoquote "The firms partners and several staff members have trained and g... Operating out of a specialised website @ http:< a> their usual clientele consists of company directors and private individuals who find their company, business, or themselves in difficulty. It may be daun... That's okay. We didn't check other common errors such as greysons, graysonssolicitors or hyphenated versions because there are just too many. It doesn't. In our opinion, they'll let anyone in. So we would have to say that the good reviews at least seem wholly genuine . But ... Certainly there are lawyers out there who will try their hand at almost anything. We've genuinely seen a negative review against a Criminal Law firm for refusing to take on someone's Divorce case. Ventura Law's public reviews seem to read quite different from others we'... They also describe their staff as "friendly" and "down to earth" , however I've yet to meet anyone from Ireland that doesn't meet that description! Certainly, Rogers' law firm is no stranger to the modern age. In fact, the web address they've asked us to use is not t... Hammad Ajmal Khan qualified in 2010 and focuses on Employment Law, Family Law, Professional Negligence, Immigration and Personal Injury. This hopefully answers one of the more common questions we get asked. Certainly firms that are modernised and set up to communicate w... They have dedicated Public Sector, Treasury Counsel and Not for Profit teams allowing them to provide expert assistance with anti-social behaviour, human rights, judicial reviews, community care, licensing, disabilities, property, public health, public liability claims, high... It's quite refreshing to see. We've seen much worse though, such as a Criminal Law firm with a negative review for refusing to listen to someone about their divorce case. consistently exceeds everything I ask of him"< div> The majority of reviews were very positiv... lowest cost on the market due to their innovative online set up"< div> Often the testimonials firms use on their website are over-the-top and sound nothing like a regular member of the general public. We assess our lawyers through our internal Linkirate system, and we r... However we definitely want to point it out because it highlights the character of the person behind Thamina Solicitors. If you've already read through some of our other law firm reviews, you'll know by now that we're always seeking unique firms to add to the network. The id... We saw these on Google: class="infoquote "Dr Ryan Herrmann helped us with an unfair rates demand from a council. However, someone was clearly impressed with the effort Herrmann Lawyers put in to offer advice on a case they wouldn't even take. (In theory anyway.) ... The reviews about them are a bit more polarised. This is obviously a personal opinion but one which we've written articles about. We've posted snapshots of such adverts by other firms on our Twitter feed.) class="infoquote "Serious fractures of one or both arms: £... At least three generations of the same family having worked there? [Check]. The majority of news articles in recent years have not been very happy stories for the firm. Having created these write-ups for hundreds of companies over the years, our (and probably most othe... Certainly we see a lot of firms quoting hefty histories stretching into the 200+ year mark. That's a big plus mark to be starting with. Typically people want to see reviews on independent review forums though. We know many firms have been showing the same 5 testimonials on ... Dumbing down is a terrible thing and there's nothing that makes my eye twitch more than seeing 'compensation calculators' on websites as the only informational service provided. Right down some real specifics such as anti-fraud, due diligence, occupational health, threat man... This unfortunately ends up hiding a part of their site that we really like . No Deductions. The majority of legal professionals in the UK are signed up to a voluntary law society. So it's a good start. So when deciding which firm to go with make sure to ask up front ...

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